Roxane Cauwet—French Foreign Exchange Student
Jordan Badger

  1. Roxane Cauwet (2)What’s your goal coming to the U.S. for this year? “I want to do every typical American thing (prom, football games, etc.).
  2. Why did you come here specifically? “I’ve always wanted to live the American style”.
  3. Did you ask your parents to come here, or did they want you to? “I don’t think I’d be here if they didn’t want me to be, because they had to sign and pay for everything”.
  4. How are things different here than from France? “We don’t have the same periods every day for school, the school in France are like college periods in America, only difference is we have the same people in every class. We get really good food for lunch in France at my school. There’s only three years of high school. If you don’t graduate than you can’t really work anywhere except for fast food. In France, college is basically free compared to the colleges here.”
  5. Do you like your host family?: “Yes! I’ve always wanted sisters since I only have one brother back home, and here I basically have them. I live with two other younger girls, 8 and 5.”
  6. Do you like the food better in France? “It depends because it’s so different. In France we eat a lot more home cooked meals there.”
  7. Do you have a boyfriend back home? “NO”.

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